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Seeds are sometimes carried by animals that eat the fruit. This is _______ dispersal.
a) agent b) mechanical c) viable d) environmental
Fruits that burst open scattering seeds use _______ dispersal.
a) mechanical b) agent c) viable d) environmental
Seeds fully develop from what structure?
a) ovule b) stigma c) style d) anther
This provides nutrition to the growing embryo within seeds
a) endosperm b) bran c) germ d) husk
This provides a protective covering to the seed
a) seed coat b) hilum c) endosperm d) plumule
This is a scar on the surface of a seed coat of where the seed was attached to the ovary during development.
a) hilum b) radicle c) cotyledon d) husk
The shoot that develops into stem and leaves from the seed
a) plumule b) hilum c) radicle d) cotyledon
This develops into the root system from the seed
a) radicle b) plumule c) cotyledon d) endosperm
The period of inactivity that helps ensure the seed germinates at the right time
a) dormancy b) hibernation c) latency d) suspension
During germination, the seed absorbs water, the tissues of the embryo swell and grow. What happens next?
a) seed coat is softened allowing the root to push into the soil b) stem grows with bud for first leaves c) plant conducts photosynthesis d) flower forms for fruit development
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