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Several plant tissues working together will create a(n)
a) organ b) organ system c) cell d) enzyme
Which of the following is not one of the 3 major types of tissue in plants?
a) epidermal b) structural c) vascular d) meristematic
Which of the following is not one of the major types of structural tissue?
a) epidermal b) cork c) parenchyma d) cambium
This structural tissue forms the outer bark layer for protection and waterproofing
a) cork b) epidermal c) parenchyma d) cambium
This structural tissue contains fibers that run throughout the plant and generally live a short time leaving behind thick support walls
a) support and strengthening tissue b) epidermal tissue c) parenchyma d) cork tissue
This vascular tissue transports water and nutrients upwards in a plant
a) xylem b) phloem c) arteries d) veins
This type of tissue is responsible for repair and growth in plants.
a) meristematic b) epidermal c) structural d) vascular
This is the name of the sweet liquid found within vascular tissue
a) sap b) water c) syrup d) lucky charms
This vascular tissue transports food downward or away from leaves
a) phloem b) xylem c) arteries d) veins
This meristematic tissue contributes to lateral growth, increasing the width of plants
a) cambium b) epidermal c) cork d) parenchyma
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