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How are cell respiration and photosynthesis opposite processes?
a) Photosynthesis releases energy whereas respiration stores energy b) Photosynthesis stores energy whereas respiration releases energy c) d)
starting molecule for glycolysis
a) ATP b) lyosis c) glucose d) ADP
rate of photosynthesis is affected by
a) temperature b) water c) light intensity d) all of the above
light absorbing molecules
a) ATP b) glucose c) pigments d)
Calvin cycle takes place in the..
a) stroma b) thylakoid c) nucleus d)
the light dependent reaction takes place in the
a) pigments b) thylakoid membrane c) stroma d)
a) make their own food b) eat their own food c) d)
Photosynthesis converts sunlight and water into
a) oxygen b) ATP c) sugars d) oxygen and sugars
diffusion is explained by
a) equilibrium b) low to high c) high to low d)
energy in ATP comes from
a) adding another molecule b) adenine bonds to ribose c) a phosphate group is removed d)
plant cells have which of the following that animal cells don't
a) nucleus b) chloroplast c) ribosomes d)
Cells energy comes from
a) mitochidria and chloroplast b) nucleus c) ribosomes d)
the organelle that makes protein
a) nucleus b) chloroplast c) ER d) ribosome
Prokaryotes lack...
a) nucleus b) cell membrane c) genetic material d)
which of the following is most acidic
a) 6 b) 5 c) 4 d) 10
compound that's the main source of energy for living things
a) lipids b) oxygen c) water d) carbohydrates
which is most basic
a) 10 b) 9 c) 8 d) 7
a well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.
a) Hypothesis b) theory c) inference d) control
Hypothesis my arise from?
a) previous knowledge b) logical inferences c) imaginative guesses d) All of the above
Biology is the study of
a) life b) chemistry c) rocket surgery d) animals and plants
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