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The term for the edge a blade of a leaf.
a) margin b) stipule c) buds d) sessile
The vein the the middle of the blade.
a) midrib b) margin c) sessile d) stipule
The stalk that attaches the leaf to the stem.
a) petiole b) epidermis c) leaf hair d) blade
The leaf arrangement that has 2 leaves on each node with leaves directly above or below.
a) opposite b) rosette c) whorled d) alternate
The growth of a plant toward light is known as
a) phototropism b) photosynthesis c) gravitropism d) light sensitive
What is the main function of a leaf?
a) make food through photosynthesis b) store food c) transport water to the rest of the plant d) structural support
The leaf arrangement that has a cluster of leaves growing around the base of the plant
a) rosette b) whorled c) alternate d) opposite
This leaf has more than one blade on every petiole.
a) compound b) simple c) combination d) enhanced
The main organ system that leaves are apart of
a) shoot system b) root system c) stem system d) flower system
The point where the leaf grows from the stem.
a) node b) petiole c) bud d) leaflet
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