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What does CDE stand for?
a) Career Domestic Events b) Career Dominant Events c) Career Delegate Events d) Career Development Events
This officer keeps financial records
a) Sentinel b) Reporter c) Treasurer d) President
Which officer is required to take minutes of a meeting?
a) Reporter b) Treasurer c) President d) Secretary
The advisor is stationed by the
a) owl b) plow c) ear of corn d) rising sun
What happened in FFA in 1988?
a) Girls were allowed b) Smith Hughes Act c) Name Change d) FFA Begins
FFA Colors are:
a) Gold and Blue b) North Caroline Blue and Corn Yellow c) National Blue and Corn Gold d) Yellow and Blue
What is the highest FFA degree one can earn?
a) Discovery b) State c) American d) Chapter
Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve is an example of what?
a) FFA Degree b) FFA Creed c) FFA Mission d) FFA Motto
SAE stands for:
a) Satisfied Agriculture Experience b) Scientific Agriculture Experience c) Supervised Agriculture Experience d) Stationed Agriculture Experience
Who wrote the FFA Creed?
a) D.L. Moody b) E.M. Tiffany c) President Nixon d) Henry S Grace
Which body part is on the horses legs?
a) croup b) flank c) fetlock d) poll
Which body part is near the horses back?
a) loin b) gaskin c) poll d) hock
Which body part is nearest to the horses head?
a) shoulder b) cannon c) barrel d) throatlatch
How do you measure a horse?
a) inches b) feet c) hands d) toes
Which is not a characteristic of halter judging?
a) balance b) personality c) structure d) movement
A mature female horse is a:
a) filly b) mare c) gelding d) stallion
A mature male horse is a:
a) colt b) mustang c) stallion d) gelding
A mature male horse that has been castrated is:
a) Gelding b) Colt c) Stallion d) Mare
What is the correct terminology to use when addressing the President?
a) Excuse me President b) Mr./Madam President c) President ma'am/sir d) Hey, Hey
A main motion needs a second.
a) True b) False c) d)
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