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Written langauge developed in ancient India.
a) caste b) raja c) Himalaya d) Sanskirt
A prince or leader of a tribe
a) caste b) raja c) monsoon d) Himalaya
The highest mountain range in the world
a) caste b) raja c) Himalaya d) Sanskirt
a wind that blows one direction in the summer and the opposite in the winter
a) caste b) raja c) Sanskirt d) monsoon
a social group a person is born into and cannot change
a) caste b) raja c) Sanskirt d) monsoon
What are the two important rivers in ancient India?
a) Tigris and Euphrates b) Indus and Ganges c) NIle and Amazon d) Huang He and Chang Jiang
In 3000 BC, who were the people living in the Indus River valley.
a) Harappans b) Mohenjo-Daro c) Israelites d) Aryans
What natural disasters might have caused the end of this civilization?
a) earthquakes and volcanic eruptions b) floods and fires c) earthquakes and floods d) hurricane and tornado
Who were the nomads that entered the Indus valley in 1500 BC?
a) Harappans b) Himalayans c) Egyptians d) Aryans
According the the caste system, what were Kshatriyas in ancient India?
a) priests b) warriors and rulers c) common people d) servants and laborers
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