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This states that the universe is a lawful, orderly, and operates according to physical laws
a) The Principle of Causality b) First Law of Thermodynamics c) Second Law of Thermodynamics d) Kinetic Theory of Matter
This tells how close a measured number is to the actual number
a) Precision b) Range c) Accuracy d) Scope
This explains how nature works
a) Hypothesis b) Law c) Theory d) Guess
This represents how close measured values are to each other
a) Scope b) Precision c) Accuracy d) Range
This is a situation that is designed by a scientist to test a hypothesis in a systematic way.
a) Experiment b) Observation c) Results d) Analysis
A tentative explanation is science is also called
a) Hypothesis b) Guess c) Theory d) Law
This describes what nature does under certain conditions and generally includes a mathematical equation.
a) Hypothesis b) Guess c) Theory d) Law
You describe the mug on Mr. Samuels's table as being black with yellow writing. This is an example of an ___________________?
a) Hypothesis b) Observation c) Inference d) Result
If more water is added to plants, then they will grow taller. This is an example of ___________________?
a) Result b) Inference c) Observation d) Hypothesis
You read through Mr. Samuels's Bible and find that it is written in unusual writing. You determine that Mr. Samuels is a Christian and attends a church that speaks in another language. This is an example of an _________________?
a) Hypothesis b) Observation c) Inference d) Result
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