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Why do scientists use a formula to estimate groundwater flow, instead of taking direct measurements as they do in surface freshwater streams?
a) groundwater does not move underground so it has no flow rate b) scientists cannot easily reach groundwater to determine flow rate c) groundwater freezes easily so its more difficult to measure flow rate d) there is more surface water than groundwater so it is easier to measure
What is most likely created when groundwater heated by the rock overlying a magma chamber is released back to Earth's surface through fractured rock?
a) plate subduction b) volcanic eruption c) geyser formation d) earthquake activity
Methane gathered from coal mines have been used to power fuel cells. Since the fuel in these cells is not burned, using methane will help to...
a) increase concentration of atmospheric ozone b) reduce pollutants commonly associated with fossil fuel combustion c) reduce public demand for alternative fuel sources d) increase public awareness of global warming issues
Arctic tundra has an average temperature of -11 Celsius, and average precipitation of 20cm/year. Based on this, what conclusion can be made about the tundra?
a) low biodiversity b) high nutrients c) long growing season d) small population changes
What type of energy from the oceans is responsible for weather patterns?
a) electrical b) magnetic c) mechanical d) thermal
What material is to blame for the holes in the ozone layer?
a) chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) b) coal-containing sulfur c) fossil fuels d) hydrocarbons
Limestone has carbon in it. How is the carbon in the limestone most often released into the atmosphere?
a) abrasion by wind-blown sand (physical weathering) b) destruction of limestone by lichens (biological weathering) c) formation of stalactites and stalagmites in limestone caves (deposition) d) chemical reaction between limestone and rainwater (chemical weathering)
Which cycle was made possible by photosynthetic cyanobacteria?
a) water b) oxygen c) nitrogen d) phosphorus
Where would a rain forest most likely be found?
a) 20 degrees North of the Equator b) 20 degrees South of the Equator c) near the equator d) in California
Snow on the ground prevents the poles from heating up because...
a) snow absorbs greenhouse gases b) heat spreads from the equator c) snow reflects solar radiation d) heat is actually released from Earth's core
Earth rotates in an Easterly direction. Therefore, southward wind currents in the Northern Hemisphere appear to be deflected to the
a) North b) South c) East d) West
When a cold air mass is found under a warm air mass, the result is
a) Coriolis Effect b) Greenhouse Effect c) Temperature Inversion d) Upwelling
Ocean surface currents are created by
a) differences in water temperature b) differences in water density c) friction with winds d) salinity variations
More solar energy reaches the equator than the poles because equatorial regions
a) are covered by more land b) have more plants to absorb the light c) have more hours of daylight d) receive sun rays closest to vertical
What causes the wind deflection from the poles towards the equator?
a) rotation of Earth on its axis b) the oblong shape of the Earth c) Tilt of Earth's axis relative to its orbital plane d) the difference in land mass between the two hemispheres
Which increases average global temperatures?
a) increased biodiversity b) increased ocean algae c) decreased CO2 emissions d) increased fossil fuel usage
Only 50% of solar energy reaches Earth's surface. What happened to the rest of it?
a) It loses energy traveling through space b) it is reflected off the moon and back into space c) it is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere d) it loses energy overcoming the Sun's gravity
Permanent deforestation can contribute to global warming by
a) increasing CO2 levels b) decreasing CO2 levels c) increasing N2 levels d) decreasing N2 levels
The convergence of two continental plates would produce
a) an island b) mountains c) a valley d) a trench
What is the driving force for surface ocean currents?
a) global winds b) density layering c) Coriolis Effect d) salt concentration
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