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I was very confused because I wasn't paying _____.
a) attention b) motivation c) tractor d) contentious
The _____ food truck is like having a restaurant on wheels.
a) mobile b) tractor c) motivation d) extend
The hot metal will _____, or shrink, when it cools.
a) contract b) extend c) detract d) tension
The child's ____ from running away was to avoid punishment.
a) motive b) motivation c) detract d) attention
They needed a _____ to pull the car from the ditch.
a) tractor b) attention c) mobile d) contentious
The _____ in the rubber band was so high, that he was sure it would snap soon.
a) tension b) motivation c) tractor d) mobile
The black clouds of soot from the factory smoke stacks ____ from the city's appearance.
a) detract b) contract c) attention d) extend
With this hot weather, I am having trouble finding _____ to train for the race.
a) motivation b) motive c) attention d) extend
The politicians finally ended their heated and _____ debate.
a) contentious b) motivation c) attention d) detract
After I injured my knuckle, I could not ____ my finger.
a) extend b) contract c) mobile d) tension
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