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A group of people who live together is called a ___________________.
a) family b) flock c) culture d) country
What is a role a child would have?
a) Going to work b) Driving a car c) Going to school d) Buying food
Which is a kind of tradition?
a) Playing outside b) Making a special food c) Watching television d) Going to soccer practice
Which is a person who comes from another place to live in a country?
a) A role b) A group c) A community d) An immigrant
Which is a part of a group's culture?
a) Clothing b) Television c) Cars d) A playground
What do immigrants bring to the United States?
a) Culture b) Customs c) Stories d) All of the Above
Some people may have family __________________________________, or something that is passed on from older family members to children.
a) traditions b) roles c) friends d) jobs
__________________ is a group's way of life.
a) Community b) Meeting people c) Culture d) Food
What person has the role of keeping people safe?
a) Teacher b) Librarian c) Dentist d) Police Officer
Which is not a group?
a) Soccer team b) 1st Grade class c) Traditions d) Art Club
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