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Transcription results in the production of…
a) DNA b) mRNA c) nuclei d) Proteins
Errors in transcription or translation may result in _________, which are changes in genes. This can result in differences in protein production that could be harmful, helpful, or unnoticed.
a) mutations b) Punnett squares c) heredity d) meiosis
Protein synthesis includes these two processes:
a) transcription and translation b) light and dark reactions c) mitosis and meiosis d) dominant and recessive
Translation results in the production of…
a) DNA b) mRNA c) nuclei d) proteins
Gregor Mendel theorized that parents passed particles, or matter to offspring. We now call that matter
a) Ether b) good habits c) good looks d) DNA
Recessive alleles….
a) Are only expressed if there is no dominant allele b) Are shown with capital letters c) Are never expressed d) Are always expressed
Meiosis results in haploid cells, or cells with _____ the DNA that regular body cells have.
a) twice b) half c) all of the d) none of the
What is the phenotype for a pea plant with the genotype Tt ?
a) tall b) medium c) yellow pods d) short
Geneticists study heredity, which is
a) converting light energy b) producing haploid cells c) producing proteins d) the passing of traits from parents to offspring
Punnett squares are useful to geneticists, since they can be used to
a) they are not useful b) convert glucose and oxygen to ATP c) determine the probability of producing genotypes d) produce sperm and egg
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