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When water evaporates it enters the...?
a) geosphere b) atmosphere c) biosphere d) hydrosphere
Estuaries and wetlands purify water and filter out
a) africa b) people c) salt water d) pollution
children planting trees where extensive logging had taken place.
a) reforestation b) urban sprawl c) desertification d) nonpoint-source pollution
where animals can roam nearly as free as in the wild
a) desertification b) urban sprawl c) reclamation d) reforestation
When many people build houses and suburbs clearing out land
a) urban sprawl b) reforestation c) reclamation d) nonpoint-source pollution
Not knowing where the pollution is coming from
a) urban sprawl b) desertification c) nonpoint-source pollution d) reforestation
when areas of land that had been good farm land become dry and dusty
a) urban sprawl b) reforestation c) desertification d) reclamation
what type of animal eats other animals
a) carnivore b) bacteria c) herbivore d) omnivore
what refers to all the populations in an ecosystem
a) populations b) community c) ecosystem d) habitat
Natural resources are saved, and damage to the environment is reduced by reducing, reusing and
a) reclamation b) recycling c) reforestation d) reusing
The natural location where water is stored
a) resevoirs b) precipitation c) runoff d) water vapor
what provides the energy that keeps the water cycle going?
a) wind b) the sun c) water d) hydrogen
What percent of Earth's surface water is found in swamps?
a) 2% b) 11% c) 20% d) 87%
Where is groundwater stored?
a) in lakes and rivers b) in oceans c) in ice caps at the poles d) in cracks and pores beneath Earth's surface
How much of the Earth is fresh water?
a) 5% b) 1% c) 25% d) 75%
What produces the most amount of smog?
a) burning wastes b) heating buildings c) cars d) power plants
During which part of the water cycle is energy absorbed by water
a) evaporation b) precipitation c) geosphere d) runoff
Heartworms in a dog
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) commensalism d)
sea anemones help crabs fight off predators, and eat leftovers from the crabs meals
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) commensalism d)
remoras attach themselves to a shark's body , they eat the scraps left behind, neither helping or hurting the shark.
a) parasitism b) mutualism c) commensalism d)
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