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When a character is in a conflict with a group
a) man vs. man b) man vs. nature c) man vs. society d) man vs. self
The part of the plot where the setting and characters are introduced
a) climax b) resolution c) exposition d) rising action
Told by using the pronoun I
a) 1st person b) 2nd person c) 3rd person limited d) 3rd person objective
The methods an author uses to acquaint the reader with the characters in the story
a) theme b) suspense c) characterization d) plot
The problems that occur in the story
a) dialogue b) conflict c) theme d) setting
An internal conflict.
a) Man vs. man b) man vs. society c) man vs. nature d) man vs. self
tells only or mostly what one character thinks, feels, etc.
a) 3rd person omniscient b) 3rd person limited c) 3rd person objective d) 2nd person
what happens as a result of the climax
a) exposition b) falling action c) rising action d) plot
when the reader sees into the minds of all characters
a) 3rd person omniscient b) 3rd person limited c) 3rd person objective d) 1st person
the central idea or message of a literary work
a) conflict b) characterization c) plot d) theme
an interruption in time to show an earlier time
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) falling action d) resolution
a hint or prediction of what is to come in the story
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) resolution d) climax
The final outcome of the story
a) falling action b) plot c) resolution d) exposition
The time and place in which the events of the story occur
a) point-of-view b) characterization c) setting d) plot
The overall atmosphere or feeling of the story
a) theme b) mood c) setting d) conflict
The events that happen in the story
a) plot b) foreshadowing c) diction d) foil
Comparison using like or as
a) metaphor b) simile c) foreshadowing d) resolution
The peak of all the action in the story
a) climax b) falling action c) rising action d) resolution
the character who tells the story; can be the author or a fictional character
a) dynamic character b) flat character c) static character d) narrator
a struggle between a character and an outside force
a) internal conflict b) external conflict c) plot d) resolution
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