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When you start Power Point the first slide you is the ___ slide.
a) main b) slide sorter c) title d) animation
Predesigned graphic styles that can be applied your slides are called ____.
a) themes b) effect options c) live preview d) place holder
A(n) ___ is how one slide is removed from the screen and the next one appears.
a) transition b) hyperlink c) animation d) motion paths
A ____ is an electronic slide show that allows you to present and deliver your message.
a) Power Point b) Word document c) Spreadsheet d) Database
____ are organized into entrance, emphasis, exit, and motion paths categories.
a) animations b) slides c) objects d) transitions
____ are already formatted with certain themes, graphics, colors, fonts, and layouts.
a) templates b) blank presentations c) slide masters d) live previews
To apply a theme to a presentation, first click the ___ tab on the Ribbon.
a) design b) insert c) slide show d) home
When you insert a new slide you can select the ____. It contains placeholders for slide titles, text, and content.
a) layout b) style c) animation d) theme
On the Ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Slides Group, click the ____ button to insert a new slide.
a) new slide b) layout c) add slide d) none of these
Which of the following statements is true about Power Point presentations?
a) Power Point is a Microsoft Office application that can help you create a professional presentation. b) You can enhance your presentation by applying slide layouts, themes, and colors. c) Adding animations and transitions to you Power Point makes them more interesting for your audience. d) all of these
Which of the following is considered bad digital etiquette or manners?
a) Playing music in public without using headphones b) texting during dinner c) video calling from an inappropriate location d) all of these are considered bad digital etiquette
Joe's computer crashed and now he is looking for a replacement. Which of the following criteria is the least important?
a) color b) usage c) money d) RAM
Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic operations of a computer?
a) tracking b) storage c) input d) output
Which of the following is a way computers benefit the workplace?
a) increasing professionalism b) increasing mistakes c) decreasing profit margins d) decreasing productivity
Windows 7 is a(n) ____.
a) operating system b) word processing program c) desktop publishing program d) database program
A(n) ____ is software which checks information coming from the Internet or network.
a) firewall b) filter c) web browser d) user account
A(n) ____ is a unique name which identifies a person to Windows 7.
a) username b) account c) log-in name d) password
Microsoft Office is a collection of ____ programs.
a) software b) icons c) graphical user interface d) file
When you need to find a particular file, you should use the ___ box.
a) search b) file c) software d) icons
An increase in which of the following is needed for all workers in today's society to receive higher paying jobs?
a) education and training b) demand for new technology c) demand for new software d) higher revenue
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