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What function do the kidneys perform?
a) Remove urea and excess water b) supply oxygen to body cells c) Eliminate carbon dioxide d) Play a role in gas exchange
Spinal cord injuries can result in ________.
a) concussion b) paralysis c) A reflex d) farsightedness
The joining of sperm and egg is called ___.
a) implantation b) ovulation c) menstruation d) fertilization
Suppose that you close a window because you notice that rain is falling. Your action is a(n) ____.
a) response b) depressant c) Involuntary reaction d) stimulus
Organs of excretion that maintain homeostasis include the kidneys, lungs, skin, and ___.
a) liver b) diaphragm c) bronchus d) bladder
Eggs are produced in the
a) Fallopian tubes b) uterus c) vagina d) ovaries
Which excretory organ eliminates water and some chemical wastes in perspiration?
a) liver b) lungs c) skin d) kidneys
What is the name of the small flap of tissue that seals off the trachea during swallowing?
a) pharynx b) larynx c) epiglottis d) alveoli
The brain and spinal cord make up the
a) Central nervous system b) Peripheral nervous system c) Somatic nervous system d) Autonomic nervous system
Which parts of the respiratory system divide into smaller and smaller tubes in a pattern that resembles the branches of a tree?
a) trachea b) pharynx c) epiglottis d) bronchi
Sperm is produced in the
a) bladder b) scrotum c) testes d) urethra
During gas exchange, which substance move from the alveoli into the blood?
a) Carbon dioxide b) nitrogen c) oxygen d) water
Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?
a) urea b) ureters c) urethra d) urinary bladder
Which process takes place in the large intestine?
a) Water is added to undigested food. b) Water is absorbed from undigested food. c) Digested nutrients are absorbed through the villi. d) Enzymes are added to complete chemical digestion.
The function of white blood cells is to
a) carry carbon dioxide. b) increase blood pressure. c) carry waste away from body cells. d) fight disease
The three regions that make up the brain include the cerebrum, cerebellum, and
a) spinal cord b) senses c) retina d) brain stem
The role of the respiratory system is to bring what substance into the body?
a) carbon dioxide b) oxygen c) red blood cells d) water
The process of removal of the body’s wastes is called
a) gas exchange b) respiration c) excretion d) filtration
In which vessels are materials exchanged between the blood and the body cells?
a) arteries b) capillaries c) lymphatic vessels d) veins
How does the skin help regulate body temperature?
a) by allowing body temperature to change when the weather becomes warmer or cooler b) by removing wastes from the body c) by blocking information about the environment d) by enabling excess heat to escape from the body
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