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Columns are easy to create in Word. You click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, and then click the ____ button in the page setup group.
a) columns b) page layout c) table d) design
A ___ pane is a pane, like a window pane, that opens on the right or left side of the program window.
a) task b) status c) menu d) command
The ____ command allows you to see the hidden formatting marks.
a) Show/Hide b) On/Off c) Marks/No Marks d) Yes/No
Press the Keyboard shortcut ___ to go to the beginning of the line.
a) Page Down b) Home c) Page Up d) End
A workbook is created in ____.
a) Excel b) Powerpoint c) Access d) Word
When using ____ software such as Word, you can easily create and edit documents, such as letters and reports.
a) word processing b) presentation c) spreadsheet d) database
The tabs on the Ribbon organize the commands into related tasks. The commands on each tab are organized into ____.
a) groups b) menus c) categories d) sets
____ Preview lets you see how a gallery option affects your file without making the change.
a) Live b) Window c) Instant d) Active
Click the Paste button or pressing Ctrl+V pastes the contents of the Office ____ into the document.
a) clipboard b) memo c) system d) recycle bin
Text alignment can be set with left, right, center, or ___ tab stops.
a) decimal b) down c) up d) random
In a new paragraph, if you type the number 1 followed by a period, and then press the Tab key, Word assumes that you are trying to create a(n) ____.
a) numbered list b) bulleted list c) outline d) presentation
To change the font, locate the ___ group on the Home tab on the ribbon.
a) font b) proofing c) edit d) save
To change text to italic, press the ___ keys.
a) Ctrl+V b) Ctrl+C c) Ctrl+B d) Ctrl+I
You can copy the format of selected text to other text by using the ____
a) format painter b) mini toolbar c) font dialog box d) quick style
___ refers to positioning of text between the top and bottom margins of a document.
a) vertical alignment b) horizontal alignment c) landscape alignment d) portrait alignment
Like font styles, font effects are ___ commands-a font effect is either turned on or off.
a) toggle b) switch c) simple d) click
Examples of text ____ are adding bold, italics, or underlining to words to emphasize them.
a) formatting b) spacing c) graphics d) layout
After you type the first four letters, ____ suggests the complete word.
a) AutoComplete b) AutoHelp c) AutoDate d) AutoCalendar
The squares and circle that appear on the selection rectangle are called ____
a) sizing handles b) rotation handles c) moving handles d) none of these
A(n) ____ is a word with a similar meaning for a word in your document
a) synonym b) antonym c) rhyme d) catch-phrase
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