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Who was the first commander in chief of the U.S. Military?
a) George Washington b) General Stonewall Jackson c) General George Patton d) General Dwight Eisenhower
What is the name of the president's official home?
a) Westminster Abbey b) Buckingham Palace c) Versailles d) The White House
Who is the commander in Chief of the U.S. Military
a) The President b) The Surgeon General c) The Attorney General d) Colonel Sanders
What is the White House?
a) The President's home b) Where congress meets c) A museum where the constitution, the Declaration of Indpendence and several other important documents are stored d) Where the Supreme Court meets
Which president freed the slaves?
a) George Washington b) Thomas Jefferson c) Abraham Lincoln d) Theodore Roosevelt
What special group advises the President?
a) The Cabinet b) The Electoral College c) The Library of Congress d) The League of Nations
Who signs bills into law?
a) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court b) Speaker of the House c) President Pro Tem of the Senate d) The President
According to the Constitution, a person must meet certain requirement in order to be eligible to become president. Which of these is NOT one of these requirements?
a) Be at least 35 years old b) Be a resident within the US for at least 14 years c) Be a Natural Born Citizen d) Have served in some government position before running for President
How may terms can a president serve?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 4 d) No limit
For how long do we elect the President?
a) 2 Years b) 4 years c) 6 years d) Life
Which is not a branch of the US Government?
a) Federal b) Executive c) Legislative d) Judicial
Who becomes president of the U.S. if the president should die?
a) Governor of Washington DC b) The Speaker of the House c) The Vice President d) The Attorney General
Who elects the President of the United States?
a) The people b) The Supreme Court c) The Congress d) The Electoral College
Who is the Vice President of the United States today?
a) Mike Pence b) Scott Walker c) Hillary Clinton d) Paul Ryan
Who is the President of the United States today?
a) Scott Walker b) Barack Obama c) Hillary Clinton d) Donald Trump
In What month do we vote for the president?
a) August b) November c) January d) April
In what month is the new president inaugurated
a) August b) November c) January d) April
Where is the White House located?
a) Philadelphia b) New York c) Washington DC d) Chicago
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