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What is the EU?
a) European Unity b) European Union c) Elevated Unity d) Elevated Union
All of the following are countries that are in the European Union, EXCEPT:
a) Spain b) France c) Pakistan d) Germany
The most common currency in Europe is:
a) Quid b) Euro c) Dollar d) Gold
The fastest growing continent in the world based on population is:
a) Africa b) North America c) Oceania d) Asia
Which of the following is not a region in Africa:
a) Northern b) Western c) Eastern d) Core
The world’s largest desert is:
a) The Sahara b) The Namib c) The Kalahari d) The Harpest
Which lake in Africa shrinks and grows every year?
a) Nile b) Lake Chad c) Niger River d) Lake Titicaca
What are the two most common languages spoken in Africa?
a) French and English b) Arabic and Swahili c) Arabic and French d) Swahili and English
Which of the following is NOT one of the groups of islands?
a) Polynesian b) Micronesia c) Melanesia d) Madagascar
What continent is the smallest continent but largest in the region?
a) New Zealand b) Australia c) Asia d) Africa
What is the mountain range that is covered under ice in Antarctica?
a) Alps b) Himalayas c) Great Divide Mountain Range d) Transantarctic Mountains
Which area does not have a permanent population?
a) New Zealand b) Guam c) Hawaii d) Antarctica
This region has 12 sheep per 1 person. What is the region?
a) Australia b) Papua New Guinea c) New Zealand d) Hawaii
Which sea is so salty that almost nothing can live there?
a) Dead Sea b) Jordan River c) Mediterranean Sea d) Red Sea
Jerusalem is a holy city to which of the following religions?
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) Islam d) All of the above
The temperature on this peninsula has reached up to 115℉.
a) African Peninsula b) Arabian Peninsula c) Taiga Peninsula d) Italy
Monsoon is broken into 3 regions. Which of the following is NOT a region?
a) South Asia b) Southeast Asia c) East Asia d) Western Asia
India makes up most of which region?
a) South Asia b) Southeast Asia c) East Asia d) Western Asia
Japan is a series of islands that were created by:
a) Mountains b) Coral c) Hurricanes d) Volcanoes
The most populated country in the world is:
a) China b) Japan c) Australia d) India
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