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produces hydronium ions when dissolved in water
a) acid b) base c) both d) neither
produces hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
a) acid b) base c) both d) neither
Water is an _________________.
a) element b) compound c) substance d) solution
A pure substance is matter that has a fixed ________________.
a) composition b) precipitate c) concentration d) solution
A solution that contains all the solute that it can hold is a(n) ____________.
a) aqueous b) concentrated c) neutralized d) saturated
The amount of solute present compared to the amount of solvent is the _____________ of the solution.
a) precipitate b) solubility c) concentration d) solventness
When a solute comes back out of solution and forms a solid, it is called a ___________.
a) precipitate b) concentrate c) mixture d) indicator
The interaction that occurs between acids and bases in which the properties of each are canceled out is ______________.
a) solubility b) neutralization c) saturation d) concentration
Matter that has a fixed composition is a ________________.
a) mixture b) solute c) substance d) solvent
_____________ are compounds that react with acids and bases to make certain colors.
a) Indicators b) Neutralizers c) Substances d) Precipitates
A solution that has a large amount of ____________ in a small amount of solvent is said to be concentrated.
a) solute b) precipitate c) substance d) saturation
Water is the solvent in a (n) ____________ solution.
a) saturated b) non-aqueous c) pH d) aqueous
In a solution of sugar and water, the water is the ____________.
a) solute b) solvent c) substance d) element
In a solution of sugar and water, the sugar is the ____________.
a) substance b) solvent c) compound d) solute
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