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Thin, wispy like clouds
a) stratus b) cirrus c) cumulus d)
can produce short heavy rain
a) Cirrus b) cumulus c) stratus d)
found in the lowest part of the troposphere
a) Stratus b) Cumulus c) cirrus d)
Line on a map that represents represents an air mass with equal air pressure
a) isobar b) cold front c) warm front d) low pressure
a pattern of winds that moves weather from the west to the east in the United States
a) air mass b) easterlies c) prevailing winds d) insolation
incoming solar radiation
a) insolation b) front c) convection cell d) air mass
vertical clouds that form thunderstorms
a) stratus b) cirus c) cumulonimbus d)
What tool measures air pressure
a) barometer b) anemeter c) rain gauge d) wind mill
which pressure system brings unstable and bad weather?
a) low pressure b) hot pressure c) cold front d) hot front
hot air _____ and cold air ______
a) rises, falls b) falls, rises c) d)
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