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The space around a charged object in which another charged object experiences an electric force.
a) Electric Field b) Static Electricity c) Electric Current d) Potential Difference
Energy is transmitted rapidly
a) Induction b) Electric Discharge c) Conduction d) Potential Difference
The process by which and electric current is made by changing a magnetic field
a) Static Electricity b) Induction c) Potential Difference d) Conduction
Electric charge at rest. Generally produced by friction or induction.
a) Static Electricity b) Electric Current c) Voltage d) Electric Discharge
A material in which charges can move easily
a) insulator b) Voltage c) Series Circuit d) Conductor
A material of such low conductivity that the flow of current through it is negligible.
a) Conductor b) Insulator c) Voltage d) Series Circuit
The release of electricity stored in a source
a) Electric Discharge b) Electric Current c) Conductor d) Induction
The rate at which charges pass through a given point.
a) Electric Discharge b) Voltage c) Electric Current d) Potential Difference
The opposition presented to the current by a material or device.
a) Insulator b) Voltage c) Conductor d) Resistance
Electromotive force or potential difference expressed in volts
a) Voltage b) Resistance c) Potential Difference d) Electric Current
The difference between the potentials of two points in an electric field.
a) Potential Difference b) Insulator c) Series Circuit d) Parallel Circuit
A closed path through which an electric current flows or may flow
a) Short Circuit b) Parallel Circuit c) Series Circuit d) Circuit Breaker
Closed electrical circuit in which the current is divided into two or more paths and then returns via a common path to complete the circuit
a) Parallel Circuit b) Short Circuit c) Series Circuit d) Circuit Breaker
An abnormal, usually unintentional condition of relatively low resistance between two points of different potential in a circuit, usually resulting in a flow of excess current
a) Parallel Circuit b) Fuse c) Short Circuit d) Series Circuit
A device for interrupting an electric circuit to prevent excessive current, as that caused by a short circuit, from damaging the apparatus in the circuit or from causing a fire.
a) Short Circuit b) Circuit Breaker c) Parallel Circuit d) Series Circuit
To melt something, such as metal or glass, by heating.
a) Fuse b) Resistance c) d)
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