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What was the direct cause of WWII?
a) Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand b) Germany's invasion of Poland c) Japan bombing of Pearl Harbor d) sinking of the Lusitania
When did WWII begin?
a) 1939 b) 1914 c) 1918 d) 1941
When did WWII end?
a) 1914 b) 1918 c) 1945 d) 1941
Great Britain, France, United States, Soviet Union were known as the
a) Allied Powers b) Axis powers c) Central powers d) Austin Powers
Germany, Italy, Japan were known as the
a) Allied powers b) Axis powers c) Central powers d) austin powers
What happened to make the U.S. declare war on Japan in 1941?
a) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7,1941 b) sinking of the Lusitania c) Zimmerman Telegram d) Japan took over Europe
Mass killing of over 6 million Jews
a) Holocaust b) Zionism c) Nazism d) Fascism
When did the cold war start?
a) 1945 after WWII b) 1918 after WWI c) before WWI d) before the Civil War
after WWII what county got split into two countries?
a) Italy b) Japan c) Germany d) England
What city got split in half?
a) Atlanta b) Paris c) Berlin d) Normandy
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