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What happened in 1990?
a) Nothing important b) war broke out c) communism spread throughout Europe d) Germans voted to make the countries of East and West Germany one country (Germany)
What happened in 1989?
a) East German government let people travel freely between East and West Berlin-Berlin Wall torn down b) Nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States c) Nothing important d) Gorbachev was assassinated
Who was Gorbachev friends with and signed peace treaties with?
a) President Franklin Roosevelt b) Joseph Stalin c) President Ronald Reagan d) Franz Ferdinand
What events marked the Cold War
a) fall of the Berlin Wall b) reduced government control in the Soviet Union c) Soviet Union Dissolved d) all of the above
What leader came into power in the Soviet Union in 1985?
a) Mikhail Gorbachev b) Adolf Hitler c) Ronald Reagan d) Joseph Stalin
How long did WWII last?
a) 5 years b) 25 years c) around 45 years d) 15 years
What did everyone fear the most about the cold war?
a) freezing temperature b) nuclear war c) Germany's army d) fighting in Siberia
Which side of Germany was Communist?
a) Western side b) Allied side c) Axis side d) Eastern side
Why was the Berlin Wall built?
a) People in West Berlin didn't like people in East Berlin b) People kept fleeing East Berlin to be in West Berlin c) Built to defend Germany d) It wasn't really a wall it was a tower
What technology did the USSR acquire after WWII?
a) phone b) television c) Nuclear weapons d) radio
When was the Cold War?
a) after WWI b) before WWI c) after WWII d) after the Civil War
Government controls everything
a) Democracy b) superpower c) Republic d) Communism
What country had control over the Eastern Bloc, East Germany, and East Berlin?
a) Germany b) United States c) Soviet Union d) United Kingdom
THe reuniting of East and West Germany was called
a) Iron Curtain b) Berlin Wall c) Reunification d) Zionism
Dividing line between Eastern Europe and Western Europe?
a) Mason Dixon line b) Zion line c) Prime Meridian d) Iron curtain
What was the cold war?
a) War in Siberia b) War during winter c) Tension between the United States and Soviet Union, threat of a nuclear war d) War in Iceland
After WWII what country got split into two countries?
a) Germany b) Italy c) Japan d) England
What city got split into half?
a) Berlin b) Atlanta c) Paris d) Normandy
Influence over world events, large population, powerful military with nuclear weapons made a country a
a) Superpower b) zionist c) anti-semitism d) Belgium
What two countries became superpowers after WWII
a) Germany and Italy b) Soviet Union and United States c) Korea and Belgium d) Great Britain and Japan
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