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A characteristic that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of a substance. (Mass, volume, color, shape, hardness, magnetism, weight, and state)
a) physical property b) chemical property c) reactivity d) combustion
A characteristic that determines how a substance will interact with other substances during a chemical reaction. (Ability to burn or rust)
a) physical property b) chemical property c) precipitate d) combustion
How likely the atoms or molecules of one substance are to form bonds with the atoms or molecules of other substances.
a) Reactivity b) Physical change c) Chemical change d) Combustion
Alters the physical properties of a substance without changing the identity of the substance.
a) Physical Change b) Chemical Change c) Reactivity d) Combustion
Ice melting to water is an example of
a) Physical Change b) Chemical Change c) Reactivity d) Precipitate
Occurs when one substance changes into a new substance with different properties
a) Physical change b) Chemical change c) Precipitate d) Combustion
Burning a match is an example of a
a) Physical change b) Chemical change c) Reactivity d) Precipitate
A solid formed by a chemical reaction that takes place in a solution (soap scum)
a) Precipitate b) Reactivity c) Deposition d) Vaporization
Chemical reaction in which oxygen combines with certain other substances, and heat and light are given off.
a) Combustion reaction b) Reactivity c) Precipitate d) Physical change
Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) water evaporating b) carbon joining with oxygen to form carbon dioxide c) ice cream melting d) a pencil breaking
What happens during a physical change?
a) New substances are formed. b) The identity of the substance is changed. c) A chemical reaction occurs. d) A substance may look different but does not change its identity.
What two quantities must be known to calculate the density of a sample of matter?
a) color and mass b) mass and volume c) length and mass d) solubility and mass
Which is a chemical property?
a) boiling point b) freezing point c) reactivity d) hardness
Bubbles, a change in color, the release of heat, and giving light are all signs of
a) Chemical reaction b) Physical change c) Precipitate d) Chemical property
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