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A character that stands for an object
a) Legalism b) Dao c) Pictograph d) Dynasty
Noble whose wealth came from land ownership
a) Bureaucracy b) Aristocrat c) Social Class d) Filial Piety
Line of rulers from the same family
a) Dynasty b) Pictograph c) Confucianism d) Mandate
A character joins two or more pictographs to represent an idea
a) Aristocrat b) Legalism c) Pictograph d) Ideograph
A group of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government
a) Bureaucracy b) Aristocrat c) Social Class d) Confucianism
formal order
a) Dynasty b) Mandate c) Filial Piety d) Daoism
The proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of Heaven
a) Pictograph b) Legalism c) Dao d) Aristocrat
Group of people who share a similar position in society
a) Daoism b) Bureaucracy c) Social Class d) Dynasty
Children's respect for parents and older relatives; an important part of Confucian beliefs
a) Confucianism b) Dao c) Legalism d) Filial Piety
Taught that people needed to have a sense of duty to their family and community in order to bring peace to society
a) Confucianism b) Daoism c) Legalism d) Ideograph
Taught that people should turn to nature and give up their worldly concerns
a) Social Class b) Daoism c) Legalism d) Confucianism
Taught that humans are naturally evil and therefore need to be ruled by harsh laws
a) Confucianism b) Daoism c) Dynasty d) Legalism
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