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How did the Tang dynasty encourage the spread of Buddhism?
a) they sent out Buddhist missionaries to small towns across China b) they made it illegal to practice any other religion c) they allowed Buddhist monks and nuns to not pay taxes d)
Kublai Khan valued
a) loyalty b) scholarship c) leadership d) citizenship
Which dynasty built the Forbidden City?
a) Ming b) Tang c) Han d) Song
Which dynasty developed better agriculture and irrigation?
a) Song b) Ming c) Tang d) Yuan
Which dynasty was run by foreign Mongols?
a) Yuan b) Ming c) Tang d) song
What was the impact of the civil service test?
a) It created a hierarchy where the rich and more power b) It created a meritocracy and united people with common values c) It created a religious government where people were forced to worship the same god d)
What dynasty reunified China at the beginning of the Middle Ages?
a) Tang b) Song c) Han d) Yuan
What philosophers ideas heavily influenced the values of China?
a) Confucius b) Murasaki c) Aristotle d) Charlemagne
China is on the continent of
a) Asia b) Africa c) Europe d) Australia
Where did the emperor and his family live?
a) Beijing b) Forbidden City c) Mongolia d) the palace
What agricultural advancements led to an increase in population?
a) They developed two new strands of rice b) They developed terrace farming for the first time in history c) They created the Grand Canal that allowed for water to move quickly across the empire d) They created a peasant farmer class
What dynasty had a huge increase in population?
a) Ming b) Song c) Yuan d) Tang
The famous explore from China during the Ming dynasty was
a) Zheng He b) Murasaki c) Confucius d) Qin Shi Huangdi
What is isolationism?
a) It is the land forms that make it difficult to travel into and out of China b) It is the belief that foreigners are bad c) It is to purposefully separate yourself from others d) it is to actively go out and trade
Why did the Ming dynasty decide to isolate themselves?
a) They wanted to trade with new lands b) They wanted to protect themselves from outsiders c) They wanted to become rich but not with others d) They desired to not make any new friends
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