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The highest point of a wave is the what?
a) crest b) amplitude c) trough d) frequency
The lowest point of a wave is called what?
a) trough b) amplitude c) crest d) peak
A wave bouncing back is called what?
a) refraction b) diffraction c) reflection d) resonance
The naturally occuring wave movement of objects is called what?
a) reflection b) refraction c) resonance d) diffraction
The material that a wave passes through is called what?
a) crest b) medium c) trough d) amplitude
The two major types of waves are what?
a) longitudinal and compression b) longitudinal and transverse c) compression and water d) longitudinal and upanddownal
The height of a wave from rest position to crest is the what?
a) amplitude b) trough c) frequency d) compression
The number of times a wave passes through a certain point in a given time period is what?
a) amplitude b) resonance c) frequency d) node
The distance between crest to crest or compression to compression is the what?
a) amplitude b) wavelength c) reflection d) refraction
When a wave enters a new medium and the light bends, it is referred to as what?
a) reflection b) refraction c) diffraction d) interference
What is it called when a wave moves around a barrier and it bends or spreads out?
a) interference b) reflection c) diffraction d) reflection
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