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What is a trait
a) different forms of meiosis b) different forms of a pedigree c) different forms of chromatids d) different forms of a charactersitic
When a plant fertilizes itselt, it is called a(n)
a) allele plant b) true-breeding plant. c) self-pollinating plant d) cross-pollinating plant
When there is incomplete dominance,
a) one allele has more influence than the others b) each allele has its own degree of influence c) the alleles have no influence d) there are no alleles present
________________ are formed from both inherited alleles.
a) genotype b) phenotype c) homozygoous d) heterozygous
_______________ occurs when a plant pollinates a different kind of plant.
a) homozygous b) cross-pollination c) heterozygous d) genotype
_______________ used to organize possible offspring combination
a) heterozygous b) phenotype c) genotype d) Punnett square
_________ is the mathmatical chance that something will happen
a) probablity b) Punnett square c) phenotype d) genotype
__________ is an organism's appearance.
a) genotype b) phenotype c) homozygous d) heterzygous
_____________ is a plant with one domonant and one recessive gene
a) homozygous b) heterozygous c) genotype d) phenotype
________ is a plant with either two dominant or two recessive genes.
a) heterozygous b) homozygous c) genotype d) phenotype
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