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Which type of chemical reaction has the general equation format, AB = A + B?
a) synthesis b) decomposition c) single replacement d) double displacement
Matter has
a) mass only b) volume only c) mass and volume d) color
In which state of matter do the particles have the highest amount of kinetic energy (Ek)?
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) solids, liquids, and gases have equal amounts of Ek
The tragedy of the commons was creatively depicted in which of Dr. Seuss' novels?
a) The Lorax b) Green Eggs and Ham c) The Cat in the Hat d) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Which of the following mixture results when table salt (NaCl) is dissolved in water (H2O)?
a) mixture of elements (EM) b) mixture of compounds (CM) c) mixture of elements and compounds (ECM) d) chemical reaction
During which phase transition does particle arrangement become more orderly?
a) fusion b) evaporation c) sublimation d) deposition
Nitrogen-15 is an example of a(n)
a) ion b) atom c) isotope d) compound
Which of the following is TRUE of chloride, Cl?
a) all of the above b) it is a halogen c) it contains 18 neutrons in the nucleus d) has 7 valence electrons
Which of the following describes a single replacement reaction?
a) one element replaces another element in a compound b) two simpler substances (elements and/or compounds) join to form one, more complex compound c) one compound splits apart into two or more simpler substances (elements or compounds) d) cations and anions of two different compounds switch places
Which of the following properties does NOT belong?
a) ability to rust b) radioactivity c) magnetism d) flammability
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