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feeling pleased when you accomplish something
a) shuddered b) ambitious c) repetition d) satisfaction
a poem that tells a story
a) repetition b) free verse poem c) narrative poem d) ambitious
having a strong desire to succeed at something
a) ambitious b) repetition c) satisfaction d) memorized
the repeating of words, phrases, or lines (of a poem)
a) repetition b) satisfaction c) memorized d) ambitious
to shake or tremble from fear or cold
a) memorized b) ambitious c) rhyme d) shuddered
lines that end with the same sound (in a poem)
a) rhyme b) repetition c) memorized d) shuddered
to learn something by heart
a) shuddered b) ambitious c) repetition d) memorized
a poem that does not have a rhyming pattern
a) narrative poem b) memorized c) repetition d) free verse poem
Which of these lines uses RHYME?
a) What a complete mess! b) The man quaked his answer. c) He was a very funny person. d) She walked the walk and talked the talk.
Narrative poems...
a) do not rhyme. b) tell a story. c) repeat. d) rhyme.
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