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anything that has mass and takes up space (volume)
a) matter b) mass c) volume d) weight
a measure of the amount of matter in an object
a) weight b) mass c) volume d) density
the measure of gravitational force on an object
a) mass b) volume c) weight d) density
the amount of space an object takes up
a) mass b) weight c) volume d) density
the measure of the amount of mass in a given volume
a) mass b) weight c) volume d) density
the bottom level of the curved surface of the liquid that matches a mark on the graduated cylinder
a) graduated cylinder b) balance c) meniscus d) spring scale
Which statement is true of all matter?
a) It has mass and volume. b) It can be seen. c) It exists only as a solid. d) It maintains its shape and size.
What does a balance measure?
a) gravity b) weight c) density d) mass
Anna placed a small seashell on the pan of a balance. What other tool does she need to determine the density of the seashell?
a) graduated cylinder b) spring scale c) thermometer d) balance
A metal coin has certain properties that can be measured. Which property of a coin is different on the moon than it is on Earth?
a) mass b) weight c) volume d) density
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