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Which is the correct tertiary color?
a) Yellow-Red b) Yellow-Green c) Green-Red d) Green-Yellow
Which is the correct tertiary color?
a) Purple-Pink b) Purple-Blue c) Blue-Pink d) Blue-Purple
What part of the picture is the closest to the viewers eye?
a) Foreground b) Underground c) Middleground d) Background
What is one type of line that we learned?
a) Jagged b) Curly c) Square d) Circle
What part of the picture is between the farthest from the viewer and the closest to the viewer?
a) Foreground b) Middleground c) Underground d) Background
What part of the picture is the farthes away from the viewers eye?
a) Underground b) Middleground c) Foreground d) Background
Which is the correct tertiary color?
a) Yellow-Orange b) Blue-Orange c) Orange-Yellow d) Black-Orange
How do you make the tertiary colors?
a) Mix two primary colors b) Mix white and black c) Mix two secondary colors d) Mix a primary and a secondary
What are the secondary colors?
a) Red, Yellow, Blue b) Green, Blue, Purple c) Green, Orange, Purple d) Green, Orange, Yellow
What are the primary colors?
a) Red, Yellow, Green b) Red, Yellow, Blue c) Red, Yellow, Purple d) Red, Orange, Yellow
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