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What is energy?
a) the ability to do work b) mass c) solid, liquid, or gas d) volume
What are the two kinds of energy?
a) jump and skip b) sun and moon c) light and heat d) potential and kinetic
Which two materials let light pass through?
a) wood and feathers b) opaque c) air and glass d) yellow and pink
What are two of the eight forms of energy?
a) purple and green b) light and heat c) jello and math d) kinetic and potential
What is heat energy?
a) Energy of tiny moving particles b) energy from the sun c) energy you can see d) energy you can hear
What is sound energy?
a) energy you can feel b) energy of moving objects c) energy you can see d) energy you can hear
How many ways can energy change form?
a) one b) twelve c) many d) five
What is solar energy?
a) energy from the sun b) energy you can see c) energy from the grass d) energy from us
Where is chemical energy stored?
a) in the ground b) in our minds c) in matter d) in our shoes
What did we learn about this chapter?
a) stuff b) energy c) matter d) mass
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