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God loves you ____ much!
a) very b) ever c) every d) girl
Pat wants to ____ some food.
a) buy b) be c) boy d) been
I have read ____ book on the shelf!
a) every b) ever c) very d) eat
Lane will play ___ he does his homework.
a) every b) after c) ate d) very
There are many ____ working here.
a) people b) work c) how d) every
How ___ is Tommy?
a) people b) boy c) very d) old
____ do you feel?
a) How b) When c) Eat d) Old
Jack's friend visited many days ____.
a) boy b) ago c) after d) very
Jess has a lot of ___ to do.
a) work b) with c) every d) buy
We'll see grandma very ____.
a) soon b) took c) very d) old
That seed grew ____ big!
a) ever b) people c) soon d) very
God loves ____ one!
a) very b) ever c) every d) after
Are you ___ with you work?
a) done b) bring c) buy d) one
Will you ___ me a new plant?
a) ago b) buy c) boy d) again
We'll go to the shop ___ we eat lunch.
a) after b) ago c) again d) other
Sage must do her ___ first.
a) will b) want c) how d) work
Nate was born a few years ____.
a) age b) ago c) boy d) girl
I know ____ to do my work.
a) which b) hope c) how d) buy
My little sister isn't very ____.
a) out b) old c) every d) look
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