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A ____________________is an area of land controlled by a nation.
a) territory b) French and Indian War c) boycott d) ammunition
The ______________________ was a conflict between Great Britain and France in North America from 1756 to 1763.
a) Declaration of Independence b) French and Indian War c) Treaty of Alliance d) Treaty of Paris 1783
The _______________ was the agreement signed by Great Britain and France ending the French and Indian War.
a) boycott b) blockade c) Treaty of Alliance d) Treaty of Paris 1763
The __________________________ was an announcement by King George III outlawing settling west of the Appalachian Mountains.
a) Stamp Act b) Proclamation of 1763 c) Continental army d) Loyalist
The ______________ was a law passed by the British requiring colonist to pay a tax on paper products.
a) militia b) mercenary c) French and Indian War d) Stamp Act
To ____________ means to refuse to do business or have contact with a person, group, company, country, or product.
a) territory b) delegate c) boycott d) desert
A _____________ is a member of an elected assembly.
a) delegate b) militia c) mercenary d) inflation
____________ is objects, such as bullets that can be fired from a weapon.
a) ammunition b) blockade c) boycott d) territory
A _________ is a group of volunteers who fought in times of emergency during the colonial period and the American Revolution.
a) delegate b) militia c) Stamp Act d) Patriot
The ______________________________ was the army created by the Second Continental Congress in May 1775 with George Washington as commander-in-chief.
a) militia b) Continental army c) Proclamation of 1763 d) Declaration of Independence
The _________________________ is the official document announcing that the colonies were breaking away from Great Britian.
a) Treaty of Paris 1763 b) Stamp Act c) Declaration of Independence d) boycott
A ________________ is a colonist who supported Great Britain in the American Revolution.
a) delegate b) militia c) Patriot d) Loyalist
A _______________ is an American colonist who supported the fight for independence.
a) Loyalist b) Patriot c) delegate d) militia
A ___________ is a soldier who is paid to fight for another country.
a) Patriot b) militia c) mercenary d) Loyalist
________________ is making excess profits from goods that are in short supply.
a) profiteering b) Continental army c) Stamp Act d) territory
___________________ is a rise in prices in the usual price of goods and services.
a) delegate b) militia c) mercenary d) inflation
To ______________ is to go away and leave a person or thing that should not be left.
a) boycott b) ammunition c) desert d) mercenary
The _______________________ was a treaty signed between France and the United States during the American Revolution.
a) Treaty of Alliance b) Stamp Act c) Declaration fo Independence d) Proclamation of 1763
A ________________ is a barrier preventing the movement of troops and supplies.
a) Loyalist b) inflation c) blockade d) boycott
The _________________________ is the peace agreement in which Great Britain recognized the United States as an independent country.
a) Continental army b) Treaty of Paris 1763 c) Stamp Act d) Treaty of Paris 1783
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