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A blinking vertical lline that shows your current postion in a document.
a) OverType Mode b) Clipboard c) Insertion Point d) Find
In Word, a language tool that provides definitions and a list of synonyms for a selected word.
a) Spelling Checker b) AutoCorrect c) Thesaurus d) File Type
A command that searches for specified text and/or formatting in a document and replaces it with new text and/or formatting that you specify.
a) Replace b) Find c) Copy d) Insert Mode
An area of the computer's memory reserved by Windows to temporarily store text and other objects that have been cut or copied from a file.
a) Paste b) Template c) Placeholder d) Clipboard
A Microsoft Office feature that can replace one set of typed characters with another. This feature can be used to correct typographical errors or to insert special characters automatically as you type.
a) Spelling Checker b) AutoCorrect c) Thesaurus d) Find
A method of inserting text into a file by pushing existing characters to the right instead of overwriting them.
a) Overtype Mode b) Placeholder c) Insert Mode d) AutoCorrect
The program standards that are used to store data on a disk. The file type is identified by the three-letter file extension.
a) File Type b) Placeholder c) Paste d) Clipboard
A command that inserts text or an object from the Clipboard into a document.
a) Insertion Point b) Copy c) Template d) Paste
A command that duplicates selected data or an object and temporarily stores it on the Clipboard. The item may be pasted into the same file or a different file.
a) Copy b) Paste c) Template d) AutoCorrect
A file that contains basic formatting, text, and/or formulas that you can customize to create a new file.
a) Placeholder b) Replace c) Template d) Insert Mode
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