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Which register is words spoken between people in a shared relationship
a) Intimate b) Consultative c) Casual d) Formal
Presentations/speeches are which register?
a) Formal b) Casual c) Consulative d) Static
Intimate Register is
a) Non-standard communication between 2 people b) Non-standard communication among a specific group c) unchanging language d) Standard academic 1-way communication
Casual Register is
a) Non-standard communication among a specific group b) Standard 2-way academic communication c) Standard academic 1-way communication d) unchanging language
Consultative register is
a) Standard 2-way academic communication b) Non-standard communication among a specific group c) Standard academic 1-way communication d) Non-standard communication between 2 people
Formal register is
a) one way communication b) two way communication between equals c) two way communication where one is higher than the other d) unchanging language
Frozen Register is
a) unchanging b) one -way like a speech c) two way with slang d) between family members
Rainforest means
a) a forest where it rains b) a sandy place with no rain c) a frozen wasteland d) mountainous terrain
Conversation with your peers belongs in which register?
a) Casual b) Frozen c) Consultative d) Formal
Which register does the Pledge of Allegiance belong in?
a) Static b) Formal c) Intimate d) Consultative
A lab report or exam would be considered which register?
a) consultative b) formal c) intimate d) frozen
the word that means to do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity is
a) deign b) decorum c) annotate d) flourish
a) to grow in a healthy way b) to add notes c) crouch in fear d) appropriate conduct
Which word best completes this sentence: Eating more and exercising less is a terrible _____ to lose weight.
a) strategy b) insists c) superlative d) light-year
You VACILLATE in the morning when you are deciding what to eat for breakfast.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
New parents have to CONSTITUTE sleep and money when they have a baby.
a) FALSE b) TRUE c) d)
Finish the sentence--Before tackling a big project, it is wise to __________________ a plan to accomplish a little each day.
a) constitute b) scrutiny c) ambiguous d) silhouette
Finish the sentence--The politicians spoke with such _________________, it was difficult for the crowd to tell what they really believed.
a) ambiguity b) scrutiny c) suffrage d) constitution
The skill in summary writing is knowing which information is essential and which information can be left out.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
Summaries need a conclusion.
a) FALSE b) TRUE c) d)
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