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When a reader uses clues provided by the author to reach a conclusion...
a) inference b) foreshadowing c) characterization d) theme
When events/happenings in the text suggest future events/happenings...
a) inference b) foreshadowing c) characterization d) theme
When the author explicitly states a character's characteristics...
a) tone b) mood c) indirect characerization d) direct characterization
When the author does not explicitly state a character's characteristics...
a) direct characterization b) indirect characterization c) tone d) mood
The author's attitude...
a) tone b) mood c) inference d) setting
How a reader feels while reading a piece of literature...
a) mood b) tone c) inference d) setting
This includes the where and when a story takes place...
a) climax b) resolution c) setting d) rising action
Analyzing two or more things for similarities and/or differences
a) compare/contrast b) inference c) tone d) mood
Blue is a color but is also a ____________ for unhappiness.
a) symbol b) character c) tone d) mood
The problem faced by the character in the story.
a) conflict b) resolution c) setting d) plot
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