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to change
a) alter b) distribute c) embrace d) surround
unclear in your mind
a) confuse b) surround c) scurry d) keen
a state of disorder
a) confusion b) alteration c) surroundings d) seize
to give out or divide among several
a) distribute b) alter c) equip d) surround
to force out
a) eject b) embrace c) seize d) equip
hold closely or hug
a) embrace b) surround c) seize d) distribute
to take up seriously
a) embraced b) flexible c) shallow d) victim
provide what is needed
a) equip b) keen c) scurry d) distribute
one who is hurt or suffers
a) equipment b) alterations c) distributions d) victim
able to bend easily
a) flexible b) scurry c) shallow d) instant
adjust to new situations
a) flexible b) surround c) victim d) keen
very short period of time or happening at once
a) instant b) limp c) alter d) eject
enclose on all sides
a) instant b) surround c) seize d) limp
sharp edge
a) keen b) shallow c) scurry d) eject
not deep
a) keen b) scurry c) surround d) shallow
quick to understand or eager
a) keen b) confuse c) embrace d) alter
walk uneven
a) limp b) surround c) flexible d) scurry
not stiff
a) limp b) shallow c) keen d) flexible
move quickly with little steps
a) scurry b) limp c) surround d) distribute
to grab hold of or take force
a) seize b) surround c) equip d) embrace
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