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Which of the following properties deals with both adhesion and cohesion?
a) capillary action b) surface tension c) universal solvent d) specific heat
Recall what you remember about the term adhesion. Which of the following would be an example of adhesion?
a) Mr. Harris riding in his pirate ship down the coast of North Carolina. b) Getting out of the pool and water hanging on to you whie you walk around. c) Marco placing a paperclip on the top of water and getting it to float. d) all the above
Recall what you know about the term cohesion. Which of the following would be an example of cohesion?
a) Water forming on the mirror in the bathroom when you take a shower. b) The ocean heating up and water evaporating into the atmosphere. c) A log floating down the river, while a white squirrel stands on it. d) all the above
Look at the following answer choices and determine which would be an example of capillary action.
a) a boat in the water b) salt water forming c) person floating on their back d) water forming on the side of an ice cold glass of water
Mrs. Hoover is driving her car to work one day. She is so tired because she is now coaching the Carolina Panthers football team. She falls asleep at the wheel and drives right into the Uwharrie River. What property of water will help her?
a) surface tension b) capillary action c) specific heat d) universal solvent
Mr. Goodwin falls in the toilet at school. He is so embarrassed that he doesn't want anyone to see him. He is trying to dry himself off as quickly as he can under the hair dryer, but it is taking too long. What property of water is a problem?
a) surface tension b) universal solvent c) specific heat d) capillary action
If I am dealing with the property of water that allows water to absorb a great deal of energy before it's temperature is increased, which of the following am I dealing with?
a) capillary action b) surface tension c) universal solvent d) specific heat
If I am looking for water's unique property that allows it to stick to itself and to other things. I am dealing with which of the following properties?
a) capillary action b) surface tension c) universal solvent d) specific heat
If I have a polar molecule in my hand, which of the following details would be true about it?
a) It will be made of a substance that can detect the type of charge of a substance. b) It will have positive and positive charges. c) It will have positive and negative charges. d) It will contain a substance that has only one type of charge.
Choose the following state of water where it's molecules move around the fastest?
a) Solid b) liquid c) gas d) all the above
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