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Oil tankers leaving the Persian Gulf must pass through this narrow waterway in order to reach the Arabian Sea:
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Suez Canal c) Red Sea d) Strait of Hormuz
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers flow through with 3 countries?
a) Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq b) Iraq, Iran, Kuwait c) Turkey, Iraq, Iran d) Turkey, Syria, Iraq
Which countries border the Gaza Strip?
a) Iraq and Jordan b) Israel and Egypt c) Lebanon and Syria d) Israel and Iran
Where does the Ganges River flow into the sea?
a) Bay of Bengal b) East China Sea c) Sea of Japan d) Yellow Sea
The reason for division between Sunni and Shia Muslims is based on the issue of
a) women's rights within the religion b) who should control the natural resources of the region c) who should succeed Muhammad as leader or caliph after his death d) where the geographic center of the Islamic world should be located
How did European involvement in Southwest Asia impact the region after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
a) Many Europeans emigrated to Southwest Asia b) Countries in SW Asia modeled their governments on European governments c) Political borders were decided by European powers without consideration of the political/ historic connections in the region d) European powers' presence in SW Asia established a long period of peace and improved relations with western nations
Turkey's building a dam on the Euphrates to protect and ensure their water supply had what effect on the neighboring country of Iraq?
a) lead to an increase in oil export b) decreased available shipping routes from the Persian Gulf c) decreased the amount of travel on the respective waterways d) led to the unequal distribution of water
The religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all have which characteristic in common?
a) polytheistic b) monotheistic c) ethnic groups d) same holy book
The Jordan River is a major source of water for which country?
a) Saudi Arabia b) Israel c) Iraq d) Iran
How does a democratic government differ from an oligarchic government?
a) Judicial system b) Role of the citizen c) Law making process d) Executive Branch
In a parliamentary government, unlike the presidential system, the head of government belongs to which branch?
a) Judicial b) National c) Executive d) Legislative
In which of these countries would the leader have to be a direct descendant of the prior leader of the country?
a) Iran b) Israel c) Saudi Arabia d) Afghanistan
In a parliamentary system, who is the head of government
a) Monarch b) Dictator c) President d) Prime Minister
Which country's government is MOST autocratic?
a) India b) Israel c) Kenya d) Saudi Arabia
Which of the following is true of a confederation government?
a) The central government has more power than the states b) The states must ALWAYS act together c) The government is made up of a voluntary association of states d) It is an autocratic form of government
What form of government is being described? The president is the leader of the executive branch of government The president is largely independent of the legislature.
a) Presidential democracy b) Authoritarian regime c) Parliamentary Democracy d) Oligarchy
In a unitary government:
a) The central government can limit the power of local governments b) Local governments are free to ignore national laws c) The national constitution protects the rights of local governments d) A single leader controls all levels of government
What type of economic system is described by the following features? Good are shared by the whole community. Economy is based on customs. Roles are passed down through family members.
a) Mixed b) Market c) Traditional d) Command
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