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The best description of Israel's economy today is
a) Mainly private owned businesses b) Mainly government-owned businesses c) Businesses controlled by European investors d) A mixture of private and government-owned businesses
Where are the Himalayas located?
a) Saudi Arabia b) Afghanistan c) Nepal d) Far eastern China
Which statement best describes how the Middle East's vast supply of oil has affected the history of the region since the 1950s?
a) It has lowered the standard of living in the region b) It has encouraged the growth of democracy in the region c) It has slowed down the process of industrialization in the region d) It has encouraged foreigners to compete for influence in the region
Which statement best describes developments in the Middle East since World War 2?
a) Manufacturing has become the region's main economic activity b) Religion has played a major role in creating conflict in the region c) Most citizens in the region have come to enjoy a high standard of living d) A majority of countries in the region have adopted constitutions that guarantee equal rights for all citizens
In 1948, the United Nations divided the land of Palestine between Arabs and Jews. Which nation was created by its action?
a) Syria b) Israel c) Egypt d) Jordan
In which Southwest Asian nation (Middle East) does the leader inherit power?
a) Islamic Republic of Iran b) State of Israel c) Lebanon d) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
A representative of OPEC would be concerned with the price of:
a) Oil b) Coal c) Wheat d) Gold
Who rules Saudi Arabia?
a) a king b) a popularly elected president c) the representative government d) a small group of leading religious leaders
What is the name of the parliament in Israel?
a) Senate b) Knesset c) Congress d) House of Representatives
Which country has an autocratic government?
a) Iran b) Saudi Arabia c) Israel d) All of the above
Many oil-rich countries cooperate with each other in OPEC. How does this help them play a major role in world affairs?
a) They share a common language and history b) They share a common form of government c) They influence the price of oil on the world market d) They maintain a military force in the Middle East
Industrial development in the 20th century has led to worldwide dependence on which region for sources of fuel?
a) Eastern Asia b) Middle East c) North America d) South America
Which of the following correctly shows how Southwest Asia is an example of uneven distribution?
a) abundance of oil, scarcity of water b) abundance of coal, scarcity of copper c) abundance of natural gas, scarcity of oil d) abundance of water, scarcity of phosphates
Which product will most likely be produced by a society with a traditional economy?
a) crops b) televisions c) video games d) sewing machines
Why do countries need a system for exchanging currencies?
a) to assist economic growth b) to encourage business loans c) to conduct international trade d) to support commercial treaties
What kind of economy does Israel have?
a) Mostly command b) Mixture of command and traditional c) Mostly market with some government control d) Pure market with no government involvement
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers begin in which country?
a) Iraq b) Syria c) Jordan d) Turkey
Which river begins in China and forms a delta/ends in the country of Vietnam?
a) Yangtze River b) Mekong River c) Huang He River d) Ganges River
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