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The primary cash crops of the southern colonies were
a) tobacco and cotton b) wheat and barley c) corn and beans d) flowers and vegetables
The first successful English colony in America is known as
a) Plymouth b) Jamestown c) Vermont d) New York
New York was a colony formerly known as New Netherland and owned by the
a) Dutch b) English c) Spanish d) French
New Amsterdam was a city taken over by the English and renamed
a) Boston b) Hartford c) St. Augustine d) New York City
Settlers that traveled on the Mayflower were known as
a) conquistadors b) Pilgrims c) castaways d) explorers
Pilgrims that traveled on the Mayflower settled in Plymouth but were aiming to land in
a) New York b) New Jersey c) Virginia d) Maine
The youngest colony of the original 13 is ______________. It is the southernmost member of the southern colony group.
a) Georgia b) North Carolina c) South Carolina d) Maryland
Boston is a major city in which former colony?
a) New York b) Pennsylvania c) Massachusetts d) Georgia
English settlers attempted to create a colony in _______ _________ twice but were unsuccessful both times.
a) North Carolina b) South Carolina c) New Jersey d) New York
The name Pennsylvania is a combination of William Penn's last name and the word sylvania which means _______________.
a) trees or forest b) love c) English d) fear
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