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What is it called when sand moves by jumps and bounces?
a) abrasion b) deflation c) saltation d) erosion
Dunes usually move
a) uphill b) away from the direction of the wind c) in the direction of the wind d) downhill
What types of glaciers form in mountainous areas?
a) continental b) moraine c) till d) alpine
An offshore column of rock which was once part of the mainland is called?
a) sea arch b) headland c) sea stack d) sea cave
What is the steepest slop loose material will not slide downslope?
a) slump b) landscape c) angle of repose d) creep
What is NOT a type of rapid mass movement?
a) mudslide b) creep c) rockfall d) landslide
What is released when waves break?
a) energy b) water c) wave trains d) sand
What do waves make when they break rock into small pieces?
a) boulders b) sand c) rocks d) pebbles
What helps prevent wind erosion?
a) water b) soil c) rocks d) plants
A depression in the landscape of a desert is called?
a) desert pavement b) rock c) dune d) deflation hollow
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