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organs are made of _____
a) cells b) tissues c) organ systems d) organisms
Tissues are made of _____
a) organs b) cells c) organ systems d) organisms
An organic compound that gives instructions to the cell
a) Lipids b) Protein c) Carbohydrates d) DNA
A cell without a nucleus. Only bacteria cells
a) Prokaryote cell b) Eukaryote cell c) tissue d) organ
Cell with a nucleus and other organelles
a) Prokaryote cell b) Eukaryote cell c) tissue d) organ
Stores water and other substances
a) cytoplasm b) ribosome c) vacuole d) chloroplast
Packages and ships proteins
a) endoplasmic reticulum b) golgi body c) lysosome d) ribosome
Recycles substances in the cell
a) vacuole b) ribosome c) endoplasmic reticulum d) lysosome
organ systems are made of _____
a) cells b) tissues c) organs d) organisms
Creates energy for the cell by breaking down carbohydrates. The power plant.
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) chloroplast d) ribosome
The highway of the cell that proteins travel along.
a) endoplasmic reticulum b) golgi body c) nucleus d) cytoplasm
Makes protein
a) chloroplast b) nucleus c) ribosome d) lysosome
Creates carbohydrates through photosynthesis in a plant cell.
a) cytoplasm b) chloroplast c) vacuole d) lysosome
The brain of the cell. Contains chromosomes/DNA
a) nucleus b) lysosome c) cell wall d) ribosome
Surrounds a plant cell and makes it rigid
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) chloroplast d) endoplasmic reticulum
The gelatin like fluid in the cell
a) cell membrane b) mitochondria c) golgi body d) cytoplasm
Scientist who discovered the first cell
a) Pastuer b) Virchow c) Hooke d) Mendel
Surrounds cell and regulates what enters and leaves
a) cytoplasm b) cell membrane c) chloroplast d) nucleus
An organism is made of _____
a) cells b) tissues c) organs d) organ systems
This organic compound is made by the chloroplast and turned into energy by the mitochondria
a) lipids b) protein c) carbohydrates d) nucleic acid
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