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We got lost on the way to the _____ of the concert.
a) location b) dislocate c) allocate d) local
You must use a _____ if you need to precisely record time.
a) chronograph b) chronological c) chronicle d) chronically
I had to redo my time line since it was not in _____ order
a) chronological b) chronically c) chronicle d) chronograph
After my dog’s surgery, she had _____ stitches that dissolved and disappeared after a week.
a) temporary b) contemporary c) chronically d) dislocate
We went to the gallery down the street to see the _____ artists that live and work nearby.
a) local b) dislocate c) allocate d) location
I decide to write a _____ about all the events of my trip to Washington D.C.
a) chronicle b) chronically c) chronograph d) chronological
My parents will _____ an equal amount of money to me and my siblings when for college.
a) allocate b) location c) local d) dislocate
Due to the new freeway being built, the city had to _____ many families that lived in the area.
a) dislocate b) location c) local d) allocate
I got fired because I was _____ late to my job.
a) chronically b) temporary c) dislocate d) allocate
Does this story take place during _____ times or in the past?
a) contemporary b) local c) location d) chronological
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