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____________________ is when we know something the characters don't know.
a) Falling action b) Situational irony c) Dramatic irony d) Verbal irony
A(n) ___________________ is written by someone who did not actually experience the events being written about. They must complete research.
a) Primary source b) Secondary source c) Climax d) Exposition
A _____________ is written by someone who actually experienced the events they are telling about.
a) Secondary source b) Primary source c) Fully-developed character d) Subordinate character
The _____________ occurs at the very end of a story.
a) Climax b) Exposition c) Falling Aaction d) Resolution
_________________ is the feelings/emotions we associate with a word.
a) Denotation b) Connotation c) External conflict d) Internal conflict
The _______________ occurs directly after the exposition.
a) Climax b) Rising action c) Resolution d) Falling action
The ___________ is the most exciting part of the story.
a) Climax b) Exposition c) Rising action d) Falling action
__________________ is when the opposite of what is expected occurs.
a) Verbal irony b) Dramatic irony c) Situational irony d) Tension
The opposite of a fully-developed character is a _________________.
a) Primary source b) Secondary source c) Tension d) Subordinate character
___________ is the dictionary definition of a word.
a) Secondary source b) Primary source c) Denotation d) Connotation
Sarcasm is considered ________________.
a) Situational irony b) Symbolism c) Dramatic irony d) Verbal irony
Another word for suspense is ______________.
a) Tension b) Falling action c) Fully-developed character d) Dramatic irony
___________ can involve a character's struggle with sadness, to make a decision, etc.
a) External conflict b) Historical fiction c) Internal conflict d) Denotation
The___________________ comes directly after the climax.
a) Rising action b) Falling action c) Exposition d) Resolution
The beginning of a story is called the ______________.
a) Exposition b) Resolution c) Climax d) Rising action
______________ contains fictional events and characters, but also made-up events and characters.
a) Situational irony b) Secondary sources c) Historical fiction d) Primary sources
____________ can be man vs. man, man vs. society, or man vs. nature.
a) Internal conflict b) External conflict c) Subordinate character d) Symbolism
A(n) _______________ is something that represents something else.
a) Symbol b) Subordinate character c) Fully-developed character d) External conflict
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