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The process that produces sex cells is ___.
a) mitosis b) photosynthesis c) meiosis d) probability
In meiosis, ___.
a) the chrososomes are copied twice b) the nucleus divides once c) four cells are produced from a single cell d) all of the answers
How many chromosomes are present in a normal human sex cell?
a) 22 b) 23 c) 46 d) 92
The chromosomes in each pair of chromosomes are called ___.
a) homologous chromosomes b) heterogenous chromosomes c) homogenous chromosomes d) homeomorphic chromosomes
Eggs and sperm are ___.
a) sex chromosomes b) sex cells c) dominant traits d) recessive traits
___ produces cells with half the normal number of chromosomes.
a) Photosynthesis b) Mitosis c) Meiosis d) Probability
Bacteria reproduce through an asexual process called ___.
a) mitosis b) cytokinesis c) meiosis d) binary fission
The only way that a 3:1 ration of traits found in Mendel's second generation plants could be explains it that each sex cell ___.
a) undergoes mitosis b) divides without pairing homologous chromosomes c) contributes the same amount of information to the offspring d) all of the answers
In sexual reproduction, two parent cells divide ___.
a) after the chromosomes are copied through mitosis b) before the chromosomes are copied through mitosis c) after the chromosomes are copied through meiosis d) before the chromosomes are copied through meiosis
In ___ reproduction, one parent cell is needed to reproduction
a) asexual b) sexual c) both asexual and sexual d) neither asexual and sexual
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