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Which is the correct order of the earth layers from the outermost layer.
a) mantle, outer core, inner core, crust b) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core c) outer core, inner core, mantle, crust d) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
Earth's inner core is
a) a dense ball of solid metal b) a layer of molten metal c) a layer of rock d) a layer that forms the crust
What is made of liquid iron?
a) mantle b) crust c) inner core d) outer core
The hottest layer layer of the earth is
a) core b) crust c) mantle d) outer core
Earth thickest lays with greatest mass is
a) crust b) core c) mantle d) ocean floor
The densest layer of earth is where
a) crust because rotational forces b) core because molten iron sank to center c) mantle because it has the greatest mass d) the crust because of tectonic plates collide
Tectonic plates moving could cause
a) hurricanes b) tornados c) earthquakes d)
What mesures earthquakes
a) Richter scale b) Interval scale c) Mercalli scale d) Ratio scale
The crust is made of
a) hot lava rock b) minerals, soil and rocks c) nickel d) iron
What layer can be directly studies?
a) crust b) mantle c) outer core d) inner core
When plates move and collide and grin with each other, pressure builds and may cause
a) earthquake b) tsunami c) waves of energy d) all of the above
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