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device used to amplify sound - to make sound louder
a) saxophone b) phonics c) microphone d)
word with the same sound but different spelling or meaning
a) microphone b) homophone c) saxophone d)
a person who travels on foot
a) tripod b) pedicure c) pedestrian d)
foot doctor
a) podiatrist b) pedestrian c) pedometer d)
device that counts number of steps taken
a) pedestrian b) pedometer c) podiatrist d)
something with three feet
a) tripod b) pedometer c) podiatrist d)
a treatment of the feet
a) tripod b) pedicure c) pedometer d)
to leave out
a) omit b) dismiss c) submit d)
to send information electronically
a) omit b) dismiss c) transmit d)
to send someone or something away
a) omit b) transmit c) dismiss d)
a job a person is sent to do
a) submit b) transmit c) mission d)
to turn in or send in
a) transmit b) submit c) mission d)
teaching reading using sounds of letters
a) phonics b) symphony c) saxophone d)
an instrument
a) symphony b) phonics c) saxophone d)
a musical piece performed by an orchestra
a) saxophone b) symphony c) phonics d)
a paper copy of a document or picture
a) photocopy b) photograph c) photon d)
a tiny particle of electromagnetic radiation or light
a) telephoto b) photosynthesis c) photon d)
process by which plants make food with sunlight
a) photosynthesis b) photograph c) telephoto d)
a picture made by a camera
a) photon b) photocopy c) photograph d)
lens for a camera that makes far away objects appear closer
a) photograph b) telephoto c) photosynthesis d)
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